Garbage Disposal Repair and Maintenance

garbage-disposalIn home appliance segment, there have been some great inventions in 20th century. Out of all the inventions garbage disposal has been one such product which has added extreme convenience and effectiveness to the task of kitchen cleanliness. It offers incomparable efficiency which is hard to achieve without having an appliance like this. Because this appliance is very useful and at the same time very expensive to buy, we must take extra care of them to extend their live and avoid any repair cost. Below you will find some useful tips on maintaining your garbage disposal


  • Only add organic matter in to the disposal. Avoiding wastes like corn shucks and onion skins will help in maintaining this appliance in good shape for long time. The aforesaid type of plant matter mess with blades inside the disposal can cause a jam which can further lead to malfunctioning of the motor. To avoid clogging inside the pipes, you should try to not to dispose waste like fatty oils. If you have mistakenly added waste containing oil inside the disposal you should add some cold water along with it. Adding cold water keeps the fatty oil in solid states which prevent them to interfere with the normal functioning of the blades.
  • Solid wastes like metal, glass, plastic food waste containing bones should not be disposed using this appliance. Solid wastes can damage the blades and repairs will be expensive. In case of jam, never put your hand inside the disposal, as there is a risk of getting in contact with sharp blades.


  • If you buy a waste disposal for your home, make sure to use it regularly. Frequent use of appliances like these make sure they stay in working condition and moving parts stay corrosion free. Only use good quality cleaning liquids to clean the unit, using harsh liquids can reduce the life of this appliance. Use any citrus fruit or few drops of washing soap followed by some cold water to clean the unit. It will clean any messy build up and also remove bad odors from the disposal.


  • Normally branded garbage disposal work seamlessly for many years without any trouble, but if they break down for any reason, it is always advisable to get it repaired from a professional. Hiring a professional apart from being a safe option (because of sharp blades) also makes sure that no further damage is done to the appliance.




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