18v n 20v Cordless Drill Buying Guide 2016

cordless-drills1A cordless drill is one of the most important item in the tool box of both a DIY enthusiast or a professional user. Numerous manufacturers offer multiple types of cordless drill in different sizes with different functionalities. When you are out in the market to buy a drill, it will be very common for you to find stores offering more than 50 different models in different price range.

Because of so many options, potential buyers more than often find the task of buying a cordless drill very confusing. When you are buying an expensive tool, you do not want to choose a variant which is not capable of performing the task you wish to get done with this tool. To help you buy a right cordless drill for you need, below you will find some useful tips

Battery – Earlier most drill models use to come with nickel-cadmium batteries. One of the biggest issues with these traditional battery was they were not able to retain charge for longer period of time (also known as memory issue). As a result, the run time per charge of batteries was very low, which made this tool useless for jobs which require longer shifts.

In recent past, with advent of lithium ion batteries more and more manufacturers have started offering their products with these batteries. As compared to traditional ni-cad batteries, the li-ion are light in weight and offer more run time per charge. They can retain charge for a longer period of time, have more life and can yield more power output. Because these batteries are light in weight, the cordless drills now weight much less than what they use to weigh earlier.

You have the options to choose from 9.6 to 36 v batteries, the most common one are 18v and 20v cordless drills. These two particular type of drills are good for both drilling and screw driving jobs.

Most tradesmen or even DIY enthusiast in 2016 will not choose a cordless drill without lithium ion batteries. Li-ion ones are bit expensive as compared to the drills powered by NiCad batteries, but given the benefits and quality you get the Li-ion are good value for money.


Size and Weight

Some of the best selling 18v and 20v cordless drills come in small sizes.  You can work with these in very confined areas without much problem. If the tool is light in weight, you will feel less tired while operating it in the longer shifts. The manufacturers over the years have focused in giving there drill an ergonomic design. This type of design provides stability to the tool and the operator is not required to put in much pressure to keep it stable and pointed. Low weight and small size models are also easy to carry and do not require big/strong carry bags as compared to bigger models.

Some of the top selling 18v and 20v Cordless Drill models are –

  • The Dewalt DCD771C2 is a very compact and light weight 20v cordless drill which delivers enough power (300 UWO) to allow you to drill or drive screws in to some of the toughest materials. With 2 speed variation on this model, you can undertake multiple varieties of jobs. The 1/2 inch chuck on this drill allows you to change bit very easily and provide very strong grip. It comes with a very ergonomic (stable) design, which helps the operator to keep the unit stable without putting much force.
  • Makita XPH102 – The XPH102 is a 18v cordless drill which can yield up to 480 in lbs of torque. There are two speed settings of (0-600 & 0-1900 RPM) on this unit, which allows you to have better control on both drilling and driving jobs. The manufacturer claim that this unit comes with an extreme protection technology which provide added protection while working from dust and water while working in tough conditions. It is a very suitable choice for professionals who have to work in areas where there tools get exposed to dust and water. This power horse weighs just less than 4 lbs, which makes it easier to operate and easier to carry.
  • Hitachi DS18DGL – This lithium ion cordless drill from hitachi can be purchased for a price of just about $100 from leading online stores like amazon. You can get 400 in/lbs of torque output from this drill. The 22+1 clutch setting allow you to perform drilling and driving on different materials more effectively and with more precision. There are two speed settings, LED lights, 1/2″ Keyless ratcheting chuck on this unit. With a pricing of just $100 and warranty of two years, this is a very good deal. If you are looking to buy a drill in 18 volt category, you must consider this model.

You can read expert and customer reviews on different websites online. These reviews provide you with great insight on any given product and help you make the right decision. Reading reviews before buying is very relevant especially for this category of products because there are so many options to choose from and it is very easy to get confused.

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How to Choose a Reverse Osmosis System?

ro-systemTo provide your family with clean and healthy drinking water, it sometimes becomes very important to get a reverse osmosis system (commonly known as RO). There are huge varieties of RO models available in market some are cheap while others are very expensive. To find out which mode is right for your needs, you must as right question before buying this appliance for your home or commercial needs.


There are numerous factors that you must consider while comparing two different RO models, although there is a lot of information available on internet, the consumers usually get confused regarding what to look for.

  1. a) Consumption level – How many persons are there in your family? Do you plan to use the water from RO for drinking only or for cooking food/washing veggies also? A lot of water can be consumed in cooking food items like pasta, rice soups, tea coffee etc.
  2. b) The flow (speed) of water from this appliance plays a crucial role in fulfilling your daily water requirement. Some filters dispense water really fast while others are slow. Therefore, depending on your requirement, choose a model which dispenser water fast enough to fulfill your requirement while consuming less time.
  3. c) To keep the unit in a hygienic condition you must rinse the membrane at regular interval. If you have a travelling job and are away for longer duration of time, you must go for an electronic unit, which is more convenient to manage.
  4. d) You have an option to choose from over the sink or under the sink model. Your choice will depend on your current layout of the kitchen, sometimes it is not possible to place an RO under the sink. The over the sink model are slightly slower as compared to their counterparts.
  5. e) You also have the option to choose from with tank or without tank options. The models which come without tank are faster as compared to with tank models. The tanks have to be regularly cleaned so as to keep them hygienic and maintain the purity of water.
  6. f) You should stay away from low end models which come with no warranty. Apart from uncertainty about their performance, the low quality parts on these units can also compromise the quality of water.

Whichever model you shortlist, it is important you read the customer reviews about it online, so that you are double sure that you are buying a right product for your family.

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Garbage Disposal Repair and Maintenance

garbage-disposalIn home appliance segment, there have been some great inventions in 20th century. Out of all the inventions garbage disposal has been one such product which has added extreme convenience and effectiveness to the task of kitchen cleanliness. It offers incomparable efficiency which is hard to achieve without having an appliance like this. Because this appliance is very useful and at the same time very expensive to buy, we must take extra care of them to extend their live and avoid any repair cost. Below you will find some useful tips on maintaining your garbage disposal


  • Only add organic matter in to the disposal. Avoiding wastes like corn shucks and onion skins will help in maintaining this appliance in good shape for long time. The aforesaid type of plant matter mess with blades inside the disposal can cause a jam which can further lead to malfunctioning of the motor. To avoid clogging inside the pipes, you should try to not to dispose waste like fatty oils. If you have mistakenly added waste containing oil inside the disposal you should add some cold water along with it. Adding cold water keeps the fatty oil in solid states which prevent them to interfere with the normal functioning of the blades.
  • Solid wastes like metal, glass, plastic food waste containing bones should not be disposed using this appliance. Solid wastes can damage the blades and repairs will be expensive. In case of jam, never put your hand inside the disposal, as there is a risk of getting in contact with sharp blades.


  • If you buy a waste disposal for your home, make sure to use it regularly. Frequent use of appliances like these make sure they stay in working condition and moving parts stay corrosion free. Only use good quality cleaning liquids to clean the unit, using harsh liquids can reduce the life of this appliance. Use any citrus fruit or few drops of washing soap followed by some cold water to clean the unit. It will clean any messy build up and also remove bad odors from the disposal.


  • Normally branded garbage disposal work seamlessly for many years without any trouble, but if they break down for any reason, it is always advisable to get it repaired from a professional. Hiring a professional apart from being a safe option (because of sharp blades) also makes sure that no further damage is done to the appliance.




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