How to Choose a Reverse Osmosis System?

ro-systemTo provide your family with clean and healthy drinking water, it sometimes becomes very important to get a reverse osmosis system (commonly known as RO). There are huge varieties of RO models available in market some are cheap while others are very expensive. To find out which mode is right for your needs, you must as right question before buying this appliance for your home or commercial needs.


There are numerous factors that you must consider while comparing two different RO models, although there is a lot of information available on internet, the consumers usually get confused regarding what to look for.

  1. a) Consumption level – How many persons are there in your family? Do you plan to use the water from RO for drinking only or for cooking food/washing veggies also? A lot of water can be consumed in cooking food items like pasta, rice soups, tea coffee etc.
  2. b) The flow (speed) of water from this appliance plays a crucial role in fulfilling your daily water requirement. Some filters dispense water really fast while others are slow. Therefore, depending on your requirement, choose a model which dispenser water fast enough to fulfill your requirement while consuming less time.
  3. c) To keep the unit in a hygienic condition you must rinse the membrane at regular interval. If you have a travelling job and are away for longer duration of time, you must go for an electronic unit, which is more convenient to manage.
  4. d) You have an option to choose from over the sink or under the sink model. Your choice will depend on your current layout of the kitchen, sometimes it is not possible to place an RO under the sink. The over the sink model are slightly slower as compared to their counterparts.
  5. e) You also have the option to choose from with tank or without tank options. The models which come without tank are faster as compared to with tank models. The tanks have to be regularly cleaned so as to keep them hygienic and maintain the purity of water.
  6. f) You should stay away from low end models which come with no warranty. Apart from uncertainty about their performance, the low quality parts on these units can also compromise the quality of water.

Whichever model you shortlist, it is important you read the customer reviews about it online, so that you are double sure that you are buying a right product for your family.

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